A Family Legacy

Menzel Enterprises, Inc.
A family legacy since 1984 delivering expertise, determination, innovate with a commitment to serving the motoring public. We truly put our people first, and encourage the educational development and professional growth.

Servicing DOT

Department of Transportation
We service the Wisconsin and Iowa statewide motorist assist program management and operations.


S.T.A.R.S. ™  Program Initiative
The Menzel Team has extensive experience implementing sponsorship programs for motorist assist fleets and is well-positioned to leverage that experience for DOT.


Innovative Solutions
The Menzel Team is committed to the development of technologies to better serve the motoring public. We utilize Cutting-Edge application and hardware to collect data and information for processing, analysis, dissemination, and reporting.

Service Vehicles

Light | Medium | Heavy
We understand the importance of providing the right vehicles for the job. Our team is experience in procuring and outfitting a large fleet of vehicles for  statewide service support. We offer light, medium, heavy duty road service solutions.