Chief Operating Officer’s Message

Menzel Enterprises, Inc. has serviced the statewide motorist assist program management and operations in Wisconsin and Iowa since 2007. Our team currently provides statewide motorist assist and incident management services to both the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the Iowa Department of Transportation (IA-DOT). Our capabilities and experience in successfully delivering motorist assist programs of comparable scope and in regions similarly affected by adverse weather conditions demonstrate that we are your vendor of choice. We have developed a traveler-focused and performance-driven approach to provide high-quality services to the motoring public.

As the largest towing and recovery operation in the State of Wisconsin, Menzel Enterprises has delivered comprehensive incident management response, professional towing, emergency recovery, transport, and repair services since 1984. We have invested our first 33 years in business perfecting our techniques and achieving an exemplary safety record. We view our current roles in WisDOT’s State Farm Safety Service Patrol Team and Iowa DOT’s Highway Helpers programs as being full partners with each agency, providing expertise and guidance to their programs. We will bring this perspective to existing partnership and prospective relationships, implementing operational efficiencies, improvements, and cutting-edge technology, while maintaining an honest and open dialogue with DOT/traffic management staff.

Menzel Enterprises strongly believes that nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than our staff. With this ideology and a strong commitment to serving the motoring public, we continue to build a culture that allows a unified employee presence among all levels of traffic management centers and safety service patrol associates focusing on a “One Team” vision with the mission-critical goal of servicing and saving stranded motorists.

This passion to serve others is balanced with a high level of safety awareness, reinforced daily through training and ongoing mentoring throughout our organization.

The purpose of our proposed safety patrol services is to enhance the lives of motorists whom travel your highways & roadways via quick clearance, reduced delay and to support the economic success of those who travel. We would be proud and honored for the opportunity to positively represent your safety patrol program and assist the agency in achieving this goal.

Our mission is simply stated – “Saving People is not ONLY what we do, it’s who we are.”



Todd Menzel, C.O.O.

Menzel Enterprises, Inc.