In-Tow iOS APP

Our iPad software app allows for the operators to conveniently enter data in the field, supporting real-time and accurate record keeping. Our software app also allows the operators to take and save pictures and process documents when allowed (or required) by DOT SOPs.
All locations can be mapped through Apple Maps to reduce the time that it takes to get our operators on site, improving the service delivered to the motorist and reducing probability of secondary accidents.

Setup groups are based on contracts for easy monitoring. The software can calculate closest correct resource.

Utilizing Geo Fences allows us to know when a resource has entered or exited a patrol route. Illustrative examples of geo fencing being used in Menzel STARS operations in Wisconsin are shown below. Emails are sent to designated supervisors to track data. By use of this in-house technology, we have useful information, such as assist statistics, performance metrics and response times for each operator in real-time, which is valuable to ensure performance and compliance to the individual DOT requirements. This geo fence functionality provides an enhanced capability to monitor STARS activities, record information, and provide a superior reporting mechanism.

Live Streams

Body Cameras & GPS
All Menzel STARS personnel are equipped with mobile communication devices, with camera capability, as shown below. These devices are used to document the scene, provide liability protection, record accidents, share data between partners, provide live streams, and enhance training/accident reconstruction and safety. Cameras can also serve as GPS devices. The Traffic Management Centers will have access to the live streams and be able to loop data of 2TB.

The Menzel Team proposes state of the art live stream on- board camera systems to be used in daily operations. There are two parts to our cam-era proposal:

SSP Service Vehicle – 4 truck cam-era/audio system, including 1 pivot/tilt/zoom capability

SSP Flatbed – 8 truck camera/audio system, including 1 pivot/tilt/zoom capability

We have experienced the level of awareness and safety enhancement provided by on-board camera systems. In addition, we proactively monitor each driver weekly via virtual remote camera access, in order to acknowledge correct behavior during service while identifying behavior that requires levels of coaching and discussion.

Currently, we have this level of support in all existing Menzel Enterprise locations and strongly feel that the investment in state of the art camera systems is a clear path in providing the World Class service that the motoring public deserves.

To provide our Operators and stranded motorists with telephone and texting capabilities, Menzel Enterprises proposes to deploy a wireless provider system. This system has been evaluated to present the optimal communication system for the SSP process and includes using an iPad with VOIP technology for hands free calling, texting and instant messaging. With wireless voice and texting capabilities, communication between STARS vehicles, to the Traffic Management Center, and to the Menzel Team base of operations is both efficient and safe. The system will provide optimal coverage in this service territory. A handsfree docking station/charger/storage device will be mounted in each STARS vehicle. Menzel Enterprises will supply and maintain the equipment and licenses and will pay for the communication costs.