The Menzel Team provides DOT with:

  • Clearly identified and empowered single point of contact.

    Our Project Manager is empowered to make decisions and is the point of contact 24/7. Our regionally based managers provide DOT’s Regions and Districts a locally-based single point of contact.

  • Delivery of mission critical services 24/7 without fail.

    Our Team understands DOT’s operations world, living and operating in safety-critical 24/7 environments.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.

    Our unique approach to integrating recruitment, training, and development into a broader model of employee competency, together with a culture that empowers employees and embeds ownership, drives us to deliver a superior experience for the motoring public.

  • A system that continually improves and adapts to new demands.

    As a service business, we focus on the process of service delivery, safety, incorporating best practices, employee engagement, and innovation to drive continuous process improvement.

  • A true partnership that will facilitate collaboration, problem- solving, and future planning.

    This partnership guarantees our corporate-level commitment to transparency, cooperation, accountability, and a shared purpose.

  • An unwavering commitment to safety.

    We understand safety; it is infused into what we do.

  • High value at low cost.

    DOT can expect a high level of asset utilization and equipment availability, enabling us to jointly maximize network throughput—a critical capability.

  • Focus on training.

    Our Statewide Trainer will be fully dedicated to DOT’s program. We maintain our exhaustive training curriculum requirements, and oversee the training needs and achievements for all whom provide Safety Service Patrol Services.